Doors and windows with historic character


Governmental customer service – Zalaegerszeg

Historical doors and windows


Court of Justice – Zalaegerszeg

Internal doors (either in baroque style)


Old exterior view, modern heat insulation


Governmental customer service – Zalaegerszeg

Design pieces of furniture – interior decoration


Kolping Hotel – Alsópáhok
Venetian blinds and folding shutters

Venetian blinds and folding shutters

These classical shutters are usually made from the material identical to the windows or balcony doors, and they are integral parts too. That’s because it is practical to make them simultaneously. The selection of the materials and shapes has utmost importance, because these constructions usually go to the outside.

Main characteristics:

Material: spruce, pine, larch, oak (needs discussion), in the case of inner folding shutters beech
Hinge: ROTO FENTRO, OMAD, with manual, crank or engined moving.
Types: fix open louvres, fix closed louvres, moveable louvres, wood inset

The inner folding shutters can be made like wardrobe doors, which close to the wand in an opened position.

Surface treatment: identical to the treatments written at the furnitures and windows.
Supplementary services: survey, delivery, installation, technical education free of charge
Warranty: full comprehensive 5 years

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