Doors and windows with historic character


Governmental customer service – Zalaegerszeg

Historical doors and windows


Court of Justice – Zalaegerszeg

Internal doors (either in baroque style)


Old exterior view, modern heat insulation


Governmental customer service – Zalaegerszeg

Design pieces of furniture – interior decoration


Kolping Hotel – Alsópáhok
The new CNC is now working at BI’BOR-FA

The new CNC is now working at BI’BOR-FA

Our company received an exceptional task. We must have made a copy of a Louis XIV-style inner door panel.

During the course of the production we could experience, how valuable could have been these doors before. Despite the help of the CNC machine and working conditions of these times it was a really big work. The final result, however made up for all the work. It was uplifting to know, that a copy of the „Sun King’s” door is at our plant.

We couldn’t admire this door much, because for the next day it should have been in Paris....
More follows

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