Doors and windows with historic character


Governmental customer service – Zalaegerszeg

Historical doors and windows


Court of Justice – Zalaegerszeg

Internal doors (either in baroque style)


Old exterior view, modern heat insulation


Governmental customer service – Zalaegerszeg

Design pieces of furniture – interior decoration


Kolping Hotel – Alsópáhok
Over 100 million in NEU-ULM

Over 100 million in NEU-ULM

The pieces of furniture for the Neu-Ulm college with 151 rooms were produced and installed within the deadline.

The difficulty in this project was not the complexity of the furniture, rather the really short deadline.

This tight schedule was because of the more week long delay, which was not planned. The reason of it was: our suppliers didn’t deliver on time. This case couldn’t have been solved without the hard-working employees of the company. Everyone knew, that this project has strategic importance too. That’s what gave to them power, in order to overcome the most discouraging obstacles.

In the history of the company it was the first job, which was around 100 million hungarian Forints. With this reference our company has moved to a higher level.

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