Doors and windows with historic character


Governmental customer service – Zalaegerszeg

Historical doors and windows


Court of Justice – Zalaegerszeg

Internal doors (either in baroque style)


Old exterior view, modern heat insulation


Governmental customer service – Zalaegerszeg

Design pieces of furniture – interior decoration


Kolping Hotel – Alsópáhok

Joinery works on the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

We finished the work until the end of 2019. That was the biggest german project which we got at the enf of a public procurement process. Our company needed to do the interior joinery works, on the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, in the library of the Philologicum.

10-12 people’s, 8 month long work were needed on site. The volume of the work shows, that we used 50 m3 oak wood, and 20.000 m2 oak veneer. The parts needed to be installed were delivered with 27 truck to the site.

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