Doors and windows with historic character


Governmental customer service – Zalaegerszeg

Historical doors and windows


Court of Justice – Zalaegerszeg

Internal doors (either in baroque style)


Old exterior view, modern heat insulation


Governmental customer service – Zalaegerszeg

Design pieces of furniture – interior decoration


Kolping Hotel – Alsópáhok


The woodworking industry in Zalaszentgrót has long-standing traditions. Roots of our company date back to the early nineties. At that time the traditional woodworking companies cracked up, and we laid the foundations of BI’BOR-FA upon the accumulated experience and knowledge, practically without any capital but in an all the more enthusiastic way. We produced nearly everything that was associated with wood, then the main profile slowly took shape for 1994.

The first step was the production of doors and windows, then adjusted to the demand, the second step was interior design and the production of furniture. The expansion of our production demanded to separate these two main activities even in our plant organization. In order to keep the potential of high-quality and reliable performance, we established two, separate production plants, each of them were 1000 m2. One of them is specialised in solidwood processing, producing doors and windows. The other one is our furniture manufacturing division, including a board-sawing department. Within a few years, because of the rise of the production, the manufacturing places proved to be too small. In 2018 our company moved to Zalaegerszeg into a new production hall which has an area of more than 5000 m².

The aim we have set for ourselves right from the beginning: to make high-quality and unique products. With this concept in mind, we recruited our staff of specialists with outstanding expertise. Their continuous trainings and maintenance of their up-to-date knowledge is an indispensable part in the life of the company. We can be worthily proud of them. This staff is one of the pillars of the firm, supplemented by the modern machine park, development of which still goes on nowadays, following our usual trend: development of the company in the first place.

Further strengths of the company is flexibility and fast adaptability to requirements. As a result of it,
going on with specialization, we have two main guidelines. One of them is the line of doors, windows for historic buildings and traditional furniture, the other one is the line of modern, innovative interior design. We keep it really important to have more profiles.

We do not have stereotyped products, in most of the cases we work on the basis of unique designs. These designs can be the customer’s own, or they can request drawings from us too. Primarily we run bigger projects (according to the size of the company), we produce for public buildings, hotels and so on. We also undertake the production of doors, windows and furniture for bigger private houses.

With our deliberate, innovative and unique solutions our company is competitive even overseas. Our works can be found in several European Union countries: in England, in Switzerland, in Russia, and outside of Europe too: in the United Arab Emirates and in Saudi Arabia.
From 2009 we are present in the german market with the projects obtained on public procurement tenders.

You can check our references on our website. We hope, that soon we can welcome you as one of our clients!

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